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    Whether you are planning a fun-filled birthday party, a family picnic or a corporate event, we have an event package waiting for you.

    Monkey Face Productions wants to make certain that your experience with face painting is a positive one. That is why we have designed event packages to aid you in planning your event. You can book one of our event packages below that best suits your event below or use them as a guide to customize a package that is right for you. Please review the Basic Package Information and our tips on preparing for an artist to come to your event before booking your package. And don't forget to visit our frequently asked questions or contact us directly for more information.

    • Kids Event Packages - These different packages include everything from birthday parties to halloween outings, to school events and clubs.
    • Group Event Packages - Choose a package that is designed for your corporate event, festival or family outing. Included is a special package for non-profit organzations and fundraising events.
    • Customized Event Packages - Don't see one right for you? Then let us customize a package that is perfect for your special day! Whatever the need, we can work with you to make certain your event is a success.
    • Gift Certificates - Gift Certificates are a great way to let someone else know about the wonderful time YOU had with Monkey Face Productions. Simply purchase a gift certificate for a single package, an additional hour, or make up your own amount, and share the fun and fanciful world of face painting with a friend!

    Whatever your need, we have a package that is right for you!

    To book a package or get a price quote please email us the following information:

    • Date and Time of Event
    • Number of people expected
    • What package you are inquiring about OR would like a customized package.
    • Complete contact information, including telephone number and email.
    • Where you heard about us.

    Pricing can vary based on the type of event and the number of people expected. We offer a base rate for events with discounts for non-profit (501c3) organizations when possible. If you would like a price quote please email us or click on the package you are interested in. Your date and time will be "tentatively" set until an artist has finalized arrangements with you.
    When you "book" an event your information will be placed tentatively on our calendar. An artist will contact you to answer any questions and finalize your package, discuss details which will then "book" your event on our calendar. Please review the information below and formulate any questions you might have.
    • Fees are based on hourly sessions unless other arrangements have been made between you and the artist. Additional hours may be added for an additional fee.
    • Some designs may be altered at the discretion of the artist based on the maturity of the individual's attention span.
    • If the event is being held outdoors, designs may be substituted to fit the current weather.
    • All packages must be booked no later than 10 days before the event. If for any reason there is a need for our services less than 10 days before the event, please contact us by telephone at 515.480.1317.
    • Cancellations up to 10 days or closer to your event will not receive a refund of any kind, unless the event is cancelled due to circumstances out of your control, such as, natural disasters, bad weather, etc. Cancellation dates and reasons are at the discretion of the artist to receive a refund.

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    Being prepared for the artist will help your event become more successful. If you would like a checklist of things you can do prior to the artists arrival, contact us directly.

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    These packages are designed to entertain children of all ages and send them home with a magical feeling of being anyone they choose to be for a day. Whether the event is a birthday party or a halloween outing, Sports event or school event, your child will feel "special" and be the hit of the party! But don't be fooled. These events are great for adults too!

    Birthday Bash
    Monster Mash
    Sports Events
    Kids Club

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    These packages are specifically designed for a wide variety of events and offer the same quality face-painting for larger group events, including corporate events, festivals, and non-profit fundraisers. For a description of what each package contains simply click below.
      Monkey Face Productions              
    Corporate Events
    Festivals & Fairs
    Family Events
    Just For Non-Profits

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    Monkey Face Productions recognizes that every event is unique, therefore we can customize a package that's right for you. Simply contact us or email and we'll help you design a special package that's right for you.

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    Not sure which package is right for your event? Then purchase a gift certificate and let the individual or group choose their own package or have one customized to fit their specific needs. Gift certificates are a great way to spread the word too, about our services and help other individuals and/or groups enjoy the wonderful world of face painting!


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    Our Birthday Bash package provides fun for everyone and is a great way to showcase that special birthday person, while including all of their guests in the festivities. The package can be themed or unthemed, and all or part can participate. Make that someone's birthday extra special by booking this package and watch the magic begin!

    Package includes: One hour of art on faces, hands, knees or arms, up to 10 children per hour. (One adult for supervision is required for every 5 children), Designs will be chosen to fit the weather if the event is held outside.



    The Monster Mash package is full of fun and while Halloween is the favorite among little ghouls and goblins, this package can also be used for any seasonal or holiday themed event. Choose your favorite monster, add face painting to your easter picnic or include this package during winter holiday festivities.

    Package includes: Up to 1 hour of painting for 8 individual characters on face, hands, knees and arms. Full face designs may take longer (for example a witch). Additional time may be purchased per hour.

    If you are a non-profit 501(c)3 a discount may apply.



    Show your school spirit with this Sports Event package! It's simple! Gather a group of your friends and have your school logo or school colors drawn on your face, hands or arms before that big game! You'll show your school spirit in style!

    Package includes: Up to 1 hour of logos and/or school colors for 10 individuals. Logos can be drawn on face, hands, arms or knees. School logo must be submitted in advance to artist for approval. Additional time may be purchased per hour.

    If you are a non-profit 501(c)3 a discount may apply. Please call for your quote.



    Our Kids Club package provides an opportunity for any group organization to help raise funds for their event or feature Monkey Face Productions as one of the entertainers. Want to learn HOW to face paint? Then the Kids Club is for you as well. Our artist will give a one-hour demonstration with "hands-on" training. So pick a partner and sign up today!

    Package includes: Up to 1 hour of training and/or artwork done on faces, arms, hands or knees. Additional time may be purchased per hour.

    If you are a non-profit 501(c)3 a discount may apply. Please call for your quote.



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